William Hall, retired partner at Norton Rose Fulbright law firm

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Why are you applying for the District 9 position?

Hall, 61, said he applied for the position because he feels education is the most important thing in the country for combating poverty and lifting everybody in society.

What qualifications do you have that make you a valuable candidate?

Hall said he comes from a family full of advanced degrees, saying the question in his family was never if they were going to college, but what they were going to do after college.

He said he has always been interested in education, even though he is not an educator.

Hall said few people know how big Alamo Colleges is, including the size of the budget and the people served by the district. He said having the ability to add to the district would humble him.

What makes you a good representative of the constituents of District 9?

Hall said he was born and raised in District 9 and knows how most people in the district think.

He said the people of District 9 are not monolithic in the way they think, but he wasn’t sure he would be representing a constituency, in particular, but trying to make the best decision for people in the Alamo Colleges.

He said he would be interested in knowing what unique goals, if any, District 9 residents might have, but he doesn’t have enough information about the different district representatives.

How closely have you followed the board of trustees, and how well do you feel they function?

Hall said he hasn’t followed the board of trustees very closely until now, saying he knows the names of the board members but doesn’t know them personally.

Hall said he knows there is going to be a new chancellor search and understands that will be important for the district.

Beyond that, Hall said he didn’t know much about the trustees’ stances on issues and assumed there is a lot of agreement among board members.

Have you enrolled in any classes in the Alamo Colleges?

Hall said he took two classes at this college before he “went off to college.”

He said he was “surprised, well, not surprised” that one of the classes he took at this college was challenging, thinking it was an entry-level economics class.

Hall said both classes were good and not classes you could take without preparation.

What are issues you are concerned about that you would like to see addressed by the board? Any special interest in the two colleges in your district?

Hall said he is not sure District 9 residents are concerned about unique issues the other districts aren’t.

He hinted that District 9 is a wealthier district, saying the students in the district probably have more opportunity than those in other districts.

Hall said he would like to see more opportunity for students to attend the colleges in District 9, and he wants to ensure the colleges are offering degrees that are marketable in the district.

He said this practice is happening from his understanding, and he wants to ensure it continues to be a goal of the board of trustees.

Hall could not name the five colleges and named only this college in District 9.

He said there would definitely be a learning curve, but he has a big interest in making sure money is spent well and ensuring students can be successful without incurring a lot of student debt.

How did you find out about the District 9 vacancy and application? Were you approached by a current board member? How do you know them?

Hall said friends of his informed him of the District 9 vacancy and said he would be great for the position.


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