Men’s basketball team loses to Palominos, 103-90

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Men's and Women's Basketball Game: Oct. 25, 2017

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Psychology freshman Hyshone Fisher fights through contact to successfully attempt a layup Oct. 25. Hyshone generated 8 points, but The Rangers would face a loss against The Palominos 90-103. Aaron Garcia

Third game the Rangers started off with the 10-point lead and lost the game.

By J. Del Valle

Coming off a Monday loss against the Tigers, the Rangers traveled to the Southside to redeem themselves, but ended up going home with another loss, this time to the Palominos Oct. 25 in the aquatic and athletic center at Palo Alto College.

The first half of the game, the Rangers started off with great passing and ball movement on offense, and transitioning man-to-man defense in the first six minutes of the game.

Rangers point guard, psychology freshman Hyshone Fisher, smoothed his way into the paint and finished off with a finger roll to dub 2 points on to the scoreboard and dominated every fast break opportunity that he gained from rebounds and steals.

Rangers shooting guard, liberal arts freshman Chancelor Whigham’s fast tempo dribbling and speed made it difficult for the Palominos to keep up.

The chemistry Fisher and Whigham have on the court can be seen in their non-verbal communication with the ball being the communicator. Just a quick hand gesture and one knows the next transition.

“Chance and I have been playing together since freshman year in high school,” Fisher said.

At the 12:23 mark in the first-half, Palominos trailed behind 3 points 23-20, Palominos shooting guard, education sophomore Nate Martinez and lead scorer dropped his fifth 3 pointer that got the Palominos team roaring with excitement and energy.

Martinez, scored 35 points for the Palominos.

“Nate is a great offensive player and earned his 20 plus points,” Casey said.

Kinesiology freshman Robert Renteria had a buzzer beater jump shot before going into half-time.

The Palominos led the first-half with 13-points against the Rangers, 57-44.

The second-half of the game the Palominos took control of the momentum with Martinez dominating the outside perimeter with jump-shots and 3 pointers.

Architecture sophomore Brandon Stokes contributed 12 points for the Rangers, including two 3-pointers.

At the 1:55 minute mark, the Palominos kept the lead at 15 points, 84-99 and did not let the Rangers get in reach of catching up for the remainder of the game and won at home with a score of 103-90.

“We need to learn how to control the game when we have a lead.” Fisher said. “We have to stay in control and remain humble.”

In a post-game interview with men’s head basketball coach Sam Casey, he said. “Every play and second counts. We need to want it more than they do.”

The next home game will be against the Trinity Tigers at 8 p.m. Nov. 6 in Candler.

Admission is $5 for adults, free for children 12 and younger and students with college ID.


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