Chancellor job description amended as search announced

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Board chair Yvonne Katz calls out the possible action for trutsee travel authorization at the special board meeting Nov. 8 in Killen. All members approved travel authorization for trustees who attended the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Conference. The next HACU conference will be Oct. 6-8, 2018 in Atlanta, Ga. The board members also approved the update on the job description of the chancellor, that was discussed in closed session. Deandra Gonzalez


San Antonio Chamber of Commerce wants a seat on the chancellor search committee.

By Zachary-Taylor Wright

Reconvening after a two-hour closed session, trustees unanimously approved modifying the chancellor’s job description and reimbursing themselves for travel in an open session that lasted only one minute and 35 seconds. 

The modification at the Nov. 8 special board meeting at Killen Center adds Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s initiatives to the job description.

According to the minute order, the job description was altered to “…strengthen the alignment of the Job Description with the current strategic priorities of the Alamo College District.”

The job description has been amended to include the development and enhancement of Alamo Advise, Alamo Enroll, Alamo Institutes and Alamo Confidence and “other current or future initiatives.” It requires the chancellor to “act as a ‘disruptive leader’ with positive and collaborative approach to evaluating district effectiveness and formulating best practices and innovations to achieve the vision to be the best community college in the nation in student success and performance excellence.”

Board Chair Yvonne Katz, District 7 trustee, on Nov. 7 said the job description was amended to include the initiatives because they want a new chancellor who will pursue the board’s vision.

The board of trustees approved the search for a new chancellor Oct. 23 after Leslie announced his retirement.

Katz said the board wants a chancellor who is educated on the district.

“If they don’t educate themselves on our policy, they don’t need to apply,” Katz said.

Priscilla Camacho, vice president of education and workforce development for the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, attended the board meeting Nov. 8 to ensure “industry has a seat at the table and their voice is heard.”

Camacho said the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce attended the meeting to hear what alterations were being made to the chancellor’s job description, saying the chamber wants to see a chancellor who is visionary and flexible.

She said the chamber is interested in a chancellor who “will look at current programming and majors or whatever courses they are, and if they’re not working, if they’re not leading to students actually being able to get those career pathways, then maybe they don’t need to exist.”

Camacho listed advanced manufacturing in transportation, health care and biosciences, education, information technology, cyber security and hospitality as the biggest industries the chamber would like to see Alamo Colleges pursue and expand.

Camacho said the chamber is interested in participating in the new chancellor search committee with other industry leaders.

She said Joe Krier, former San Antonio Chamber of Commerce president, was part of the search committee that selected Leslie, so the chamber would like to have the current chamber President Richard Perez on the next search committee.

The new job description requires the chancellor “ensure that the needs of higher education and ISD partners, as well as business, industry and community partners are met and continuously strengthened in collaboration with their leadership.”


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