Women’s basketball team knocked down the Cowgirls Nov. 11, 101-80

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Lorena Torres Romero

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Psychology freshman Hyshone Fisher keeps the ball away from education sophomore Zach Adair of Southwest Texas Junior College during the men’s basketball game Nov. 8 in Candler. The Rangers lost 62-75. Photo by Ashley Bailey

“Effective shooting, hustling on defense and great communication won tonight’s game,” Capestany said.

By J. Del Valle


The Rangers had a wild west showdown with the Southwest Texas Junior College Cowgirls from Uvalde Nov. 8 in Candler.

The Rangers started off the game with great communication on offense that resulted in effective jump shots and layups.

Sharp passes to the basket made it difficult for SWTJC to steal or stop the ball from getting into the paint.

The Rangers momentum went into full force and was not stopping anytime soon.

Lead scorers for the Rangers were kinesiology freshman Destiny Solis and criminal justice freshman Jordan Foster with 24 points each.

Jordan ran up her points with four 3-pointers, one of them being a 30-foot jumper at the buzzer going into halftime.

Shooting guard kinesiology freshman Celeste Arriaga added 15 points to the scoreboard for the Rangers.

The Rangers were up by 10 points at halftime, 58-48.

Forensic science freshman Acelynn Sepulveda had 9 points from 3-pointers but a total of 14 points for the game.

Lead scorers for SWTJC was kinesiology sophomore Blanka Ramirez with 12 points in the first half but 25 points overall, and child development freshman Gracie Gaspar with 15 points for the Cowgirls.

The Rangers ball handling such as slick crossovers and strong open passes to the rim made it smooth for the Rangers in the paint to successfully throw up a backboard shot.

The Rangers led the game by 20 points at end of the third quarter, 83-63.

In the fourth quarter SWTJC showed signs of struggling on their offensive shots, but tried to make up for it on defense by trying to contain the Rangers from scoring.

Soils gained off every SWTJC error in the fourth quarter. With effective euro steps to the basket, Solis was not afraid to challenge players who defend the paint by driving in to make a layup.

“She a leader on the court and runs the offense very well,” women’s head basketball coach Haley Capestany said, commenting on Solis performance. She played outstanding that night. She was faking people out like crazy on the court.

The Rangers added 21 points to the board and won the game at home, 101-80.

The next game will be against Coastal Bend College at 6 p.m. Nov. 14 in Beeville.

The Next home game will be against Northeast Lakeview College at 6 p.m. Nov. 27 in Candler. Admission is $5 for adults, free for children 12 and younger and students with college ID.


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