Student Success Council to host several events

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Council wants to invest in the students of this college.

By Austin P. Taylor

The Student Success Council has received a budget of $2,000 for the 2017 academic year.

The budget has allowed the council to plan several events to help students of this college get through the holiday season.

On Nov. 21 the Student Success Council will provide a Thanksgiving lunch for students and faculty. The event will be in the craft room on the second floor of Loftin Student Center. The lunch is first-come, first-served and is free to all students.

Faculty who wish to participate are asked to make a $5 donation or bring five cans of food. All donations presented at the event will be given to the student advocacy center.

While there is no set date yet, the council has also planned to hand out Christmas bundles to families in need during early December. The plan is being called “Christmas in a Box.”

The council hopes to supply five families in need with food, toys and other essentials for the holiday season.

Students who want to apply for the holiday bundle will have to fill out a questionnaire in the student advocacy center in Room 323 of Chance Academic Center. The questionnaire has not been created, but the Student Success Council will work with the advocacy center to ensure are students who apply have an equal chance to receive a package.

The council will distribute the packages by having students collect them at this college. The council will deliver the packages to students if necessary.

On Nov. 14, the Student Success Council sold hamburgers in the mall West of Moody Learning Center.

Phillip Casarez, president of the Student Success Council, said most of the funds for the hamburger fundraiser came from donations. Should there be expenses not covered by donations, the council will cover the cost.


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