College seeks applicants for distinguished graduates

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Jan. 26 is the deadline to apply.

Alan Torres

This college is the only one of the five Alamo Colleges that offers the distinguished graduate program.

They are selected by faculty from academic and professional and technical programs, Lauren Sjulin, senior coordinator of student success, said in an interview Dec. 7.

Faculty in each program decide what they consider to be a distinguished graduate.

Students must have a minimum of 3.2 grade-point average and be eligible to graduate during the intended academic year, Sjulin said.

“A lot of the programs want you to be involved in that program,” she said. “The programs are not necessarily going to select you on just a 3.2 GPA.”

Last year, there were 38 distinguished graduates, but this year the number is still unknown since applications are not due until Jan. 26, Sjulin said.

Faculty must select the winning candidate for their program by Feb.13. Students will be notified by email if chosen or denied. For students chosen, an orientation will take place Feb. 28.

Busy students can find it hard to do anything outside of their schedule, but Sjulin recommends eligible students try and be a part of the distinguished graduates.

“It will make you stand out if you’re transferring to another college,” she said. “It will also make you stand out to future employers.”

The process to become a distinguished graduate starts with filling out the paperwork, which can be found in program or department offices or on this college website at

Students also have to submit a biography and an academic essay.

Prospects must sign a statement indicating that the student is willing to participate in service projects. If a student fails to participate in service projects, the student’s name may be removed from the list.

After filling out applications, prospective distinguished graduates must turn those in to the office of the program they hope to represent.

The program started in 2012, the idea came from President Robert Vela, Sjulin said.

“It is one more way to recognized students,” she said.

Names of distinguished graduates are engraved on a plaque that remains in the program, and their photos are published in this college’s website and on posters around campus, Sjulin said. During graduation, distinguished graduates will wear a special cord.

Distinguished graduates can graduate at the end of the spring, summer and fall semesters. 

For more information, call Sjulin at 210-486-0904.


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