Speech program encourages students to attend workshops

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Speech Professor Dick O’Neal gives a presentation on how to create an outline for presenting a speech at the “It’s Easy as 1, 2 iii” workshop Feb. 13 in Room 203 of McAllister Fine Arts. O’Neal discussed how to successfully create an outline that makes it easier to find topics, research and details that also can help with research papers. The next workshop will be “Deliver Outlines With Style” at 3 p.m. Feb. 28 in Room 203 of McAllister Fine Arts. Deandra Gonzalez

Attendees will learn how to develop key points of communication to effectively express their knowledge.

Katya Harmel


All students and members of the community are welcome to join speech workshops on improving communication skills.

Speech instructor Justin Blacklock will present “Say it with Style,” a workshop focusing on ways speakers can engage an audience 3-4 p.m. Feb. 28 in Room 203 of McAllister Fine Arts Center.

Guest speaker workshops are scheduled March 27 and April 11, but the speakers have not been announced yet.

Blacklock explained the chosen speakers will be former students who will share how they use communication on a daily basis and how communicating effectively has boosted their success.

Blacklock said his workshop will teach individuals how to deliver an effective speech while keeping the attention of the audience.

He said no matter how good the content of a speech is, if the speaker does not know how to engage listeners, the speaker can lose the interest of the crowd.

The workshop will provide extra credit for students enrolled in speech classes.

Blacklock said students will benefit from the seminars by receiving different perspectives from speech facilitators aside from their instructors.

“There are opinions on the best way to get to that final outcome — the final presentation,” he said.

Blacklock urges students who are not taking speech classes this semester to attend because the workshops are valuable to everyone.

“The more you have to offer with the way you communicate your knowledge, the more employable and marketable you will be,” he said.

He explained his seminar will focus on three key areas — how to deal with anxiety, voice productivity and physicality.

“Say it with Style” will involve the audience by having them participate in vocal warm-ups, breathing exercises and a conversation with Blacklock during the discussion on effective delivery.

This college has been facilitating speech workshops for 12 years, and participants say they receive positive knowledge from them, Blacklock said.

He based this on the feedback attendees give through surveys the program provides after each workshop.

Blacklock said the speech program would like to find a correlation between the speech workshops and student success.

He explained the process of tracking the connection has not yet been established.

For more information, contact Blacklock at 210-486-0479 or jblacklock@alamo.edu.


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