Adjunct Faculty Council discusses adjustments to pay

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The Adjunct Faculty Council met Feb 7 in Room 100 of Gonzalez to discuss plans to alter adjuncts pays. They will be observing other adjuncts payments from other community colleges’ in Texas. Brianna Rodrigue

Council wants to get adjuncts involved district level decisions.

Austin P. Taylor

This college’s Adjunct Faculty Council met in Room 100 of Gonzalez Hall to discuss plans to adjust a 2015 proposed pay plan.

Currently, adjunct pay is dependent on the adjunct’s level of education upon being hired. An adjunct with a master’s degree will earn more than an adjunct with a bachelor’s degree.

The council is exploring the possibility of a tiered system. Currently, there are three tiers in the compensation plan, but what the tiers signify has yet to be determined.

The council believes paying adjuncts based on time with the college is fairer than paying based on education.

English adjunct David Vaughan said he had previously worked at Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio, which has a tiered pay system for adjuncts.

“It was incredibly motivational,” Vaughn said. “Regardless of the level you came in at, you could always improve.”

Adjuncts would undergo a five-week certification course at Sinclair. After completing the certification course and teaching a nine-hour course load, adjuncts can request the rank of Lecturer 2. When an adjunct reaches this rank, they receive a permanent pay bonus.

While Vaughn could not give specific figures about the pay raise, he did say the bonus was “significant enough that it was worth working toward.”

“We should acknowledge an adjuncts years of service and involvement with the college,” Vaughn said.

The council will look at tiered systems of payment from other community colleges in the state.

Council Chair Amanda Martin said they wanted take another look at the plan to seek new ideas and approaches.

A part of the compensation plan the council wanted to review was scaling back some penalties for adjuncts. The council said they want to end the penalties that adjuncts face for missing class because of circumstances that they can’t control such as jury duty and using sick leave.

Martin said she wanted to try to include a way to credit adjuncts for participation in professional development activities and committees.

The council discussed the adjuncts Creating Excellence awards.

The nomination period opened Feb. 15 and will remain open until March 29.

The next meeting of the Adjunct Faculty Council is scheduled for 1 p.m. March 7 in Room 100 of Gonzalez Hall.


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