Alamo Colleges District Board of Trustees now accepting applications for new student trustee

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Applications will be accepted until Feb. 23 in Room 260B of Loftin Student Center.

By Shamona Wali

The Alamo Colleges District Board of Trustees announced they are accepting applications for a new student trustee Feb. 5.

Three weeks have passed but there have been no applications turned in for the position, Student Government President Kayla Salwey said.

“It’s a concern for us that no one has turned in any applications yet because student representation within the board is important,” Salwey said.

“I would’ve definitely applied for the position myself but I’m graduating next semester,” Salwey said.

“I believe student leaders can really create change on this campus which is why I want to encourage students to step up and apply.”

Applications are being accepted in the Student Government Association office in Room 260B of Loftin Student Center.

“Applicants are required to have a minimum of 12 completed college level hours at the Alamo Colleges, be in good academic civic standing and have at least a 2.5 GPA,” Mark Bigelow, interim director and coordinator of student success said.

“Each of the five colleges will narrow down to at least one candidate and submit their nominees to the Board of Trustees,” Bigelow said.

“Once a decision has been narrowed down to one student, the Board of Trustees will make their announcement sometime in April.”

According to the Alamo Colleges webpage for the Student Trustee application, “The role of the student trustee is to serve as an advisor to the Board and to be a liaison between the students and Board of Trustees and Chancellor. The student trustee’s main goal is to represent student interests. In almost every aspect, the student will be a full-fledged trustee. Two things differ: the individual will not have voting privileges and will not have access to non-public executive sessions or materials.”

Applications will be accepted until Feb 23.

For more information, contact Bigelow at 210-486-0134.



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