Student almost arrested as others debate abortion rights

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Communications sophomore Nicholas Delunay, right, debates with an anti-abortion advocate, who refused to give his name, about the ethics of abortion rights Feb. 19 in the mall. Delunay said the posted signs are not accurate and were intentionally provocative. Shamar Mims

By Sasha D. Robinson

Daryl Rodriguez, president of Love of Truth Ministries, said he saw someone spray painting one of his anti-abortion posters during a free speech event Feb. 17 so he began to videorecord for evidence.

“I told him to stop, and he did not stop,” Rodriguez said. “We told him that it was not his property, and he kept saying ‘this is hate,’ then he walked away. Then a girl came by and knocked over some of our signs and threw water on the signs and in my face.”

The woman, sophomore Taylor Humphrey, was accused of splashing water in Rodriguez’s face and was close to being arrested by the Alamo Colleges police department.

Rodriguez refused to press charges because he made an agreement with Humphrey to apologize on camera.

“We put her in front of our camera and had her apologize for what she did,” he said. Rodriguez said he will use her apology for an anti-abortion video and will upload it on the website.

Roughly 25 students attended what was advertised as a free speech event in the mall.

Love of Truth Ministries displayed  images of aborted fetuses to raise awareness, which caused debates about human rights among students.

Some of the posters on display showed body parts, a quarter with a bloody fetus hand on it and a bloody body with a quarter where the head should be.

Rodriguez said the day started OK but got a little hectic as students debated.

“We believe this is an injustice to human kind and it is an evil,” Rodriguez said. “We liken this to the Jews in Nazi Germany and slavery here in America and England. They had abolitionists who wanted to abolish slavery because it was evil and an injustice against humanity. We believe that it is an injustice against humanity, and I want to abolish abortion, and I want to educate people about what it is.”

During the event, students were involved in a heated debate about whether it should be compared to murder.

Other debated topics at the event were adoption, religious views and what should be considered a human being.

Daryl Rodriguez, a five-year pro-life minister, hosts an event to educate students on the “evils and injustices” of abortion, which prompted debates among students Feb. 19 in the mall. Shamar Mims

Communications sophomore Nicholas Delunay, who supports abortion rights, said students should talk about different viewpoints as long as they keep it civil.

“Some people were calling each other ignorant,” Delunay said. “When it crosses that personal boundary, that is what I do not like.

“When this happens, people are angry, angry, angry,” Delunay said. “Things like this promote people to get angry.”

Delunay said the photos of dead fetuses and fetus parts are inappropriate and should not be shown on campus.

“Those photos are completely explicit,” he said. “I do not agree they should have these type of photos out there. It is bloody, and it may not be what it really looks like.”

Liberal arts freshman Sheyar Jiwani held a sign at the event that read “Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one.”

“A guy in a baseball cap called me a pro slave lover because I would not argue with him,” Jiwani said. “What does slavery have to do with this?”

Rodriguez said his ministries have come to this college for several years to educate students on abortion.

For more information on Love of Truth Ministries, visit the group’s website or call Rodriguez at 210-867-7268 or email him at


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