Student drag queen runner-up for Miss February

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Music freshman Alexis Xtina Fierce lip-syncs “Love You, Hate You” by Keke Palmer Feb. 27 at Pegasus for Drag Queen of the Month of February. Fierce, who came in second place, said she was invited to return March 6 to compete against February’s winner, Kendall. Sasha D. Robinson

Student finds confidence from the supportive environment of this college.

By Austin P. Taylor

Music freshman Alexis Xtina Fierce competed for the Miss February spot in the weekly talent night Feb. 27 at Pegasus Bar across North Main Avenue from this college.

Pegasus holds open talent nights the first three Tuesdays of each month. On the final Tuesday of each month, the winners of the open shows compete for the monthly title.

The monthly winners can compete in the annual pageant March 27.

Fierce competed and won the Feb. 20 talent night, winning a cash prize of $100.

During the Feb. 27 talent night, Fierce competed against Pegasus newcomer Charlie London, who recently moved to San Antonio from Houston.

London lip-synced to Katy Perry’s “Peacock.”

Fierce was the third contestant to take the stage. She lip-synced to Keke Palmer’s “Love You & Hate You.”

After the contestants performed, the crowd of 73 voted in the new Miss February.

Fierce took second place.

Fierce said she will compete in the March 6 talent night, with the hopes of winning the Miss March position to compete in the annual pageant.

In an interview with the Ranger Feb. 21, Fierce said she came to San Antonio from Peoria, Ill.

She was raised in a low-income family and attended Eisenhower High School in Decatur, Ill.

She said she came to San Antonio from Peoria to find better job opportunities.

Fierce started performing drag at the age of 17.

“I always wanted to be female, from age 17 on up,” she said. “My sister told me, when I was little, I used to dress in her high heels, and clothes, and walk around the house and perform.”

Fierce said performing drag makes her feel empowered. Some of her favorite artists to lip-sync to are Cher, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez.

Fierce said the prep-time needed for a performance can range from hours to days or even weeks, depending on the physicality of the performance.

“It makes me feel very, very alive,” she said. “Back in high school, I was on the booster squad. I was on the cheerleading squad. I helped out with prom and homecoming, but I’ve never been to prom or homecoming.”

Fierce said her family and friends have provided very good support for her.

“I have friends here at SAC who are very supportive.”

Having the opportunity to perform for a monthly spot bolstered her confidence.

“I actually am very proud of myself. I’ve never won anything a day in my life, and last night was incredible.”

Fierce said she plans to begin estrogen therapy for transition surgery within the coming weeks. She started the blood-work testing for her treatments Feb. 23.

She said working up to this point in her transition has been difficult.

“I went one time, to the Planned Parenthood last week, and it was $76 for my blood-work testing, and I couldn’t afford it then,” she said.

Fierce said this college’s LGBTQ-friendly environment gave her the confidence she needed to perform at Pegasus.

“I am SAC proud,” she said.

Fierce wants to make a YouTube documentary on the prep work for a drag performance. The tentative title is “Life of A Drag Queen.”

She also wants to publish makeup tutorials online.


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