Stress-Out Day offers a break from classes

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Joseph Rogers, radio-television-broadcasting freshman, and business freshman Karen Ortiz have a water gun fight to start Grad Push Week March 5 in the mall. Students celebrated soon-to-be graduates during The Hunger Grad Games. Students can also sign up this week to participate in commencement. Laura Gonzales *Correction: Rogers and Ortiz are members of the Campus Activities Board, which hosted the water gun fight and other stress-busting activities for Stress-Out Day.

Campus engagement builds a sense of community, an adviser said.

Frank Piedra

The mall was alive with the sound of music and aroma of buttery popcorn and juicy grilled hamburgers March 5 during Stress-Out Day.

The event presented by the Campus Activities Board was an anti-stress event aimed at students’ feeling the pressures of midterms.

It allowed for a few hours of lighthearted fun.

With a variety of fun, games and food, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

“It is one of several events that happen throughout the semester to help students de-stress and refocus,” said Philip Cazares, adviser for the Creative and Communication Arts Institute.

Civil engineering sophomore Trevor Kidd brought juggled balls at the event.

“This is a personal hobby of mine that I like to do for fun,” Kidd said. “I’ve juggled here on campus before and have been doing this for a little over three months.”

Among other attractions were an inflatable dodge ball pen, a dunk tank and an obstacle course called Shark Attack.

Shark Tank had participants go through a series of climbs, jumps and hurdles.

Their prize?

“Making it out alive!” yelled a student who completed the challenge.

Some student organizations present were SAC Boxing Club, Society of Physics Students and Society of Women Engineers.

SAC Boxing was selling cheeseburgers while Society of Physics Students and Society of Women Engineers were selling sausage wraps.

Electrical engineering sophomore Noel Navarro thinks events like this are successful.

“This all works because students actually take part,” he said.

He is also a member of the Society of Physics Students.

“The students stop in between classes, are curious and stop for food, look around and get involved,” Navarro said. “The mall is a major passing area, so they see what’s going on and participate.”

Environmental engineering sophomore Melissa Garcia said one way she likes to de-stress is to take naps.

She is also a member of Society of Women Engineers.

“I took up a yoga class this year, and that has helped me quite a lot,” Garcia said.

Stress-Out Day gives students the opportunity to get their minds off schoolwork.

“Aside from school, students might have other things going on in life, and when they come to something like this, they know they are not alone,” Cazares said. “Campus engagement is super important, and the point is to build a sense of community.”

Cazares, who was filling bags of popcorn outside Loftin Student Center’s east entry, said the college tries to have a variety of activities for students to participate in, such as movie showings and open mic nights.

“We want to help in any way we can and hopefully it translates into better grades and less stress,” Cazares said. “The more we can do to help students feel like they are a part of something, the better it is for everyone.”


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