BioSpot more than just a study center for biology students

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A model eyeball is one of many tools for students in the BioSpot. File

Professors often are available in the center for tutoring.

By Jeff Riley

The BioSpot is a study center usually filled with biology students in Room 350 of Chance Academic Center.

The BioSpot is a friendly community that welcomes all majors to take advantage of its resources, Coordinator Gerard Robledo said March 8 in an interview.

“When you’re in college, the best thing for you to do to ensure your success is surround yourself with like-minded individuals,” Robledo said. “Even if you’re not a biology major, you’re all here to attain knowledge and to succeed.”

In the BioSpot, students can utilize a computer laboratory, which houses 31 computers with more than two dozen computer programs and internet access.

Microscopes, slides, videos, models and textbooks are also available.

In the BioSpot, students also will find private meeting rooms that allow them to host group study sessions.

Robledo pointed out the BioSpot also has free coffee available for students who need a caffeine boost.

The center also has a microwave oven for students to heat food to eat while they study.

Educational presentations and speeches are becoming an occasional amenity as well.

Robledo said he is scheduling presentations by representatives of the UT Health School of Health Professions and the UT Health School of Nursing for early April but did not have complete details yet.

The most significant aspect of the BioSpot Robledo highlighted is the abundance of faculty who dedicate time to acting as free tutors.

“It’s absolutely free,” Robledo said.  “One of my favorite things is having the professors in there.”

Robledo said the BioSpot has been well utilized by biology and nursing students so far this year and hopes more students of all majors realize they are just as welcome.

 “You come to college to gain knowledge and master your content because if you can’t master it, you can’t implement it,” Robledo said. “This is a free service to help you master your content.”

The BioSpot is open 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

For information on services or presentations, call 210-486-0860.


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