New degree and Level 2 social work certification coming in fall

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Lisa Black


Case management is the most important skill for social workers, coordinator says.

By Andrea Moreno

Students will have the opportunity to earn an Associate in Applied Science in social work and a Level 2 case management certification when registration opens fall 2018, social work Coordinator Lisa Black said in an interview March 19.

The registration date for fall has not been set.

The new degree and certification will be available only at this college. The board of trustees approved the new degree plan Feb. 27 about two years after it was proposed.

The degree plan will be posted on this college’s catalog website, Black said.
Students are not required to take the associate degree and certification at the same time.

Students have the choice of taking the courses required to receive the certification of 30 credit hours.

If students decide to continue seeking the applied science degree in social work, they must take another 30 credit hours.

The applied science degree plan will have about 45 credit hours concentrated in social work and 15 credit hours of core classes.

“The degree curriculum is more complex and more in-depth,” Black said, referring to the 45 credit hours required in the major subject.

This college offers an Associate of Arts in which students complete 42 hours in core courses and can include social work courses in the 15 to 18 hours of courses in the concentration area.

“All these credits (degree and certification) will be able to transfer to Texas A&M University-San Antonio,” she said, referring to the new degree plan.
Black said this college has made connections with TAMU-SA, and students are encouraged to transfer to that university.

She said Texas State University will accept the credits as well.

Students may study for a Bachelor of Arts of Applied Science in social work, sociology and any related field after obtaining the new associate degree at this college, Black said.

After students have the associate degree, Level 2 certification in case management and the bachelor’s degree, students have the opportunity to take a national exam to be a certified case manager, known as a CCM.

“Having the certification in case management and then having a national certification makes you very employable,” Black said.

Black presented what social work professionals believe students need to learn and careers students may pursue.

When students graduate with the certification and Associate in Applied Science, students have the opportunity to work in public, profit and nonprofit organizations.

Examples of employment are long-term care, occupational services, child and welfare family services, adult and juvenile justice and mental health care.

According to the presentation Black shared, 36 employers in the workforce shared their views on skills students should have to work in the field of social work.

Case management was the highest needed skill for students to have for employment.

Fifty percent of employers recommended that.

Thirty percent suggested team work, 10 percent suggested documentation skills and 10 percent suggested basic understanding of an individual and family and group dynamics.

Students planning to apply for this plan in the fall are advised to contact Black.

Students can make an appointment with Black in Room 323 of Chance Academic Center or by calling at 210-486-0347.


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