SGA proposes update to exclude off-campus groups

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Awards banquet to honor outstanding student leaders and club advisers.

By Austin P. Taylor

During an April 2 meeting of this college’s Student Government Association, SGA President Kayla Salwey suggested possible changes to the peaceful public assembly policy used by this college.

Salwey said the group would like to adopt something similar to the policy used by the University Texas of San Antonio.

UTSA’s peaceful public assembly guideline says, “In furtherance of the University’s educational mission, the University campus is a limited forum open only to the expressive activities of faculty, staff, and students. Unaffiliated groups and individuals may not engage in expressive activities at the University except in accordance with this Policy.”

The university’s guidelines for guest speakers say any organization that wants to speak on the campus must be in a reserved indoor location, and they cannot accost those who have chosen not to attend the event.

Under the proposed policy, organizations that want to come on campus need to be sponsored by a student organization.

“If they can’t find a sponsor on campus, they’re probably doing something wrong,” SGA Vice President La-Tieka Sims said.

The current policy for groups wanting to hold assemblies at this college requires that they contact the office of student life and provide their own equipment. 

SGA met Feb. 26 to discuss measures that could be taken to make students more aware of, if not regulate, the content outside organizations are displaying on campus.

SGA members discussed solutions that ranged from forming committees to decide what can be shown on campus, to making sure administration better schedules events like the ministry’s gathering, so graphic content is not seen by children on campus. 

The proposed policy change is in response to a rally held by Love of Truth Ministries Feb. 19 in the mall. 

Love of Truth Ministries is scheduled for another event at this college April 23.

The ministry’s Feb. 19 anti-abortion rally was met by counter-protests from students.

Two students vandalized signs used by the ministry, and one splashed water on an anti-abortion protestor.

SGA will discuss the policy change at its April 19 meeting with President Robert Vela. The meeting with President Vela is closed to the public.

The next SGA meeting will be April 16 in the craft room of Loftin Student Center. 

After announcing the proposed policy revision, SGA discussed several upcoming events.

The Campus Activities Board will host the Outstanding Leaders Awards Banquet.

The banquet is 6-9 p.m. April 11 in the round of Loftin Student Center. The theme is “Tricentennial: A Night Under the Stars.”

The banquet will honor student club leaders. Every club on campus was able to nominate a student for the outstanding student leader award through April 2.

Club members could also nominate advisers for the outstanding adviser award. They will be competing against other club advisers.

Seven members of each club can attend the banquet.

Several events will be in Loftin on May 4.

The San Antonio College Gaming Society will host several tournaments noon-4 p.m. May 4 in the second floor game room of Loftin Student Center.

Participants will need to pay a $5 entry fee at the sign-up on the day of the tournaments.

Games participants can compete in “Magic: The Gathering,” “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” “Dungeons & Dragons,” “Super Smash Bros.” and “Dragon Ball Fighterz.”

The first- and second-place winners of the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” tournament will be awarded “Yu-Gi-Oh!” card packs. The third-place winner will receive card sleeves.

“Everyone is welcome to come and participate,” said Gaming Society President James Russell. “It’s really just a cool meet-up place to relax and have a bit of fun.”

CAB will show “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” 5-11 p.m. May 4 in Loftin.

Students with questions about SGA can call the office of student life at 210-486-0125.

SGA meetings are on the first and third Monday of each month.

Students with questions about the Campus Activities Board can call Carrie Hernandez, coordinator of campus activities, at 210-486-0128.


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  1. Protect the 1st on

    Good article. But definitely a fragile and sensitive SGA. Triggered children who cannot handle their beliefs challenged without destroying signs or splashing water on someone is pathetic. It sounds like SGA wants to turn the campus into an echo chamber and not a place of open discussion.

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