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The election of four of nine trustees could have massive repercussions.

The upcoming trustee election will play a key role in the future of the Alamo Colleges.

Students, faculty, staff and Bexar County taxpayers who are consituents of the four board seats up for election have a civic responsibility to vote in this May 5 election.

Unfortunately, local elections have a history of low voter turnout.

Last November’s election saw voter turnout reach its lowest point in 23 years, according to www.mysanantonio.com.

A lack of voters should not be the case during any election, much less an election that will directly impact 72,213 students.

The board manages the fiscal decisions of the district, which means their job is to ensure the colleges are operated on a financially sound basis.

The board has to approve any increases in tuition and districtwide spending before anything can actually go into effect.

This election is the only time the community of the Alamo Colleges will be able to directly hold the members of the board accountable for their actions and make their voices heard.

The current board has undertaken myriad new initiatives, and this election will determine how they move forward.

Alamo Institutes, the changes to advising and workforce training have been the focuses of this current board.

Under the current board of trustees, a $450 million Capital Improvement Plan bond issuance was approved in May, leading the future expansion of the five Alamo Colleges and the construction of a new regional campus.

The continued expansion of dual-credit, tuition-exempt enrollment and the tripling of the student activity fee are also issues addressed and approved by the board of trustees.

If you believe in the direction this group has taken the colleges, you owe it to the community to vote and keep the incumbents in office so there are no deviations from the current progression.

If you do not like how the current board has been conducting business, if you believe they do not have the best interests of the Alamo Colleges at heart, you need to vote them out.

The only way anything changes is if you decide to let fresh perspectives take the wheel and steer the district in a new direction.

The only way to keep a representative form of government running is to vote and to do it consistently.

If you live in District 5, 6, 7 or 9 and are registered to vote, you need to make sure your voice is heard by voting early April 23- May 1 or on election day May 5.


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