Conference gives men tools to overcome life obstacles

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Website to register for conference is not working, but the coordinator can provide information.

By Maya R. Williams

The fifth annual Men’s Empowerment Conference is 8 a.m.-2 p.m. May 25 in Room 218 of the nursing complex.

The Men’s Empowerment Conference started five years ago,” Coordinator Joseph Liedecke said May 2. “The reason it started was for men of color. The whole purpose of it was to focus on the barriers or obstacles keeping them from reaching their goals.”

This conference will give men the tools to overcome any barriers in their lives, he said.

Actor and activist Máximo Anguiano will share his story of struggle and diversity, Liedecke said.

“I tried to choose someone who has a story of struggle, some diversity and that they rose to the challenge and overcame whatever obstacles they were faced with,” he said.

Liedecke hopes that Anguiano’s story will inspire the audience and give them hope because “we all need hope.”

There will be four breakout sessions at the conference: “Health and Wellness — Healthy Diet and Exercise” presented by Jacob de la Garza; “The Man Box” by Greg Marshall; “Success is a Progress, Not an Event” by Mills Rodgers; and “Men as Caregivers” by Dianne Teran.

Rodgers will also be selling his motivational book, “Success is a Progress, Not an Event!: 7 Keys to Understanding and Mastering the Process” during the conference.  

Scholarships of $100 provided by President Robert Vela will be awarded during the conference to four or five attendees, Liedecke said.

“He’s very gracious every year,” Liedecke said. “Every year since I’ve done it, which is the past three years, Dr. Vela has given scholarship money.”

There will be a raffle to decide which attendees receive the scholarships.

Each attendee will get a ticket upon entry, Liedecke said

Exhibitors from this college will promote enrollment during the conference, Liedecke said.

Liedecke hopes to have 100 men attend the conference.

Last year 60 men attended, he said.

“Every year it’s growing, gradually,” he said.

Students can find promotion for this conference on campus television monitors, OrgSync, Facebook and around campus via flyers and posters, he said.

The web address on the flyers is not working, but Liedecke has contacted the public relations office about the issue.

Men who want to register can call Liedecke at 210-486-0137 and


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