Pay on time to avoid getting dropped, advisers warn

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Advisers encourage students talk to department faculty to assist with class selection.

By Maya R. Williams

Students need to be aware of the payment deadlines when registering for the fall, two advisers said.

“In an ideal situation, you want to register as soon as possible and pay as soon as possible,” Phillis Casarez said April 24.

 “I think it’s important for students to look at the payment deadlines first,” Casarez said. “When students decide to register for classes and not pay by July 22, their classes will get dropped.”

Adviser Jennifer Correa agreed students risk losing their place in the class sections they chose.

 “Part of the consequences is having your classes dropped,” Correa said April 26. “Usually what happens is students are having to come back in and look for classes that maybe are on a Saturday, Friday or late at night.”

If a class is canceled, students should go to Fletcher Administration Center and ask what the reimbursement policy is, Correa said.

Whenever a student is dropped, a spot opens in the course that another student can fill, Casarez said.

“A lot more departments are moving toward the waitlist system,” Casarez said. “That means, no longer is a student going to be able to get their classes dropped and that spot become available and anybody will be able to take that spot. Now what’s going to happen is, if a spot become available, that spot become available to the first person on the waitlist.”

If a student gets dropped from a class they might be able to get onto the waitlist, but they will be put in the back of the list, Casarez said.

Start 2 is a 14-week semester that starts Sept. 9.

It is geared toward students who register late or want to start later in the year, Casarez said.

Not every subject has Start 2 classes.

Students can find Start 2 classes in the Part of Term section in ACES when registering.  

Start 2 benefits students by being a quick way for students to complete courses, Correa said.

Casarez and Correa encourage students who have selected majors to talk to department faculty because they can share field experience.

“We’re all on the same team,” Casarez said. “We are all trying to help student.”

 Correa agreed.

“I think it’s better to get different opinions and suggestions and recommendations as far as courses that need to be taken, or questions about what jobs or what life is going to be like outside of school,” Correa said.

To find FAQs about the waitlist system go to:

For 16-week and Flex 1 courses, the deadline to register is Aug. 6

For Start 2, the deadline is Aug. 27

For Flex 2, the deadline is Oct. 8

The payment deadline for students who register now is 1 p.m. July 22.

Students can also pay in person in the business office on the second floor of Fletcher Administration Center.

Student who register after the payment deadline must pay on the day they register.

For the fall 2018 calendar, visit:


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