Officer encourages students, faculty and staff to register bikes

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Bikes can be registered at the booth, online or at the police department.

Crime prevention Officer Christopher Fairbank will be running a bike registration booth from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Sept. 12 in the mall.

“It’s important that they register their bikes. That way if something does happen to their bicycle. We can hopefully get their bicycle back quicker,” he said.

When getting registered, students need to have the serial number, make and model of the bike and a description of the bicycle.

The officers at the booth will take a picture for their records, Fairbank said.

The serial number is on the rear stay bar, the top bar, on a rear fork, the lower bar, on the hanger bracket or on the seat mast.

To register online or to print out the form, go to the Alamo Colleges District police department page, under the forms and resources tab.

“We ask that when they register their bike online, that they fill out the form, print out the form and send us the form with a picture of their bicycle. Not only that, we ask for a picture of the serial number.

“Even though it’s written on the page we’d still like a picture of the serial number that way we can match it up and say “yes, this is that bike,”” Fairbank said.

Students can also go to the police station on campus to register a bike.

“We would suggest that they bring the form printed out with a picture of their bicycle, then from there they will give us information and we will get the bike registered that way,” he said.

Fairbank is hoping to have a bike registration booth again during the spring semester.

People do not need to be students at this college to register their bikes with the San Antonio College police department.

“Please go ahead and register your bike with us because if it gets stolen some place and a different police department takes the report that individual can say ‘I registered my bicycle with the Alamo Colleges police department’ and then that agency will get in touch with us and we will friendly give them the information for that bicycle.”

“Our biggest thing, on behalf of the police department is we are highly and strongly encouraging students, faculty and staff that rides a bicycle goes to register their bikes with the police department,” he said.

To find the registration form, visit:


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