Campus Activity Board launches Manic Karaoke Monday

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CAB discusses what members should expect.

By Andrea Moreno

The Campus Activity Board had its first Manic Karaoke Monday of the semester Sept. 10 in Loftin Student Center and will continue to have Manic Karaoke Monday from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. every other Monday in Loftin Student Center, said Nicholas Delaunay, liberal arts sophomore and president of the board.

Anyone can participate in the karaoke including students, faculty and staff.

Individuals who participate can choose a song to sing.

CAB will also organize some events during Raza Heritage Month, including a Salsa Day that will feature sauce making and dancing, which Delaunay discussed during the meeting.

Delaunay encouraged CAB members to participate in the events of Raza Heritage Month.

“It will be very cultural and very fun,” Delaunay said.

Every semester, the board members can apply to be a CAB officer.

During the meeting, Delaunay asked the members to vote on a new CAB vice president.

The candidates were criminal justice sophomore Brittany Polanco and nursing freshman Ruby Narro.

Narro said she wants to be part of something on campus and CAB is the “most exciting group on campus.”

Polanco said she will create new opportunities for the board and for this college’s events and will be committed, which will be “an enjoyable opportunity to be a great leader.”

Polanco won 20-1 and is the new vice president for this fall.

“Thank you everyone who voted for me, and I promise I will not let y’all down,” Polanco said.

“If you didn’t get elected, it’s OK, guys … no hard feelings, we appreciate everything y’all do,” Delaunay said.

 There will be elections again in December for the spring 2018 officer positions.

Carrie Hernandez, senior student success specialist, said students can come to meetings to see what CAB members do.

During the meeting, Delaunay emphasized the importance for CAB members to take the club seriously and follow all rules.

Members of CAB must follow all rules of the Student Code of Conduct such as no discrimination or bullying other members to be able to continue as a member.

Delaunay said if students are not following the rules, they will be automatically kicked out CAB. 

Students will need to sign in each time they go to the meetings and when they volunteer at campus events so that the CAB officers and Hernandez know who attended.

Hernandez said she will initial her name on the sheet where students who signed up on each event or meeting so she can confirm students attended.

Students who want to join CAB can come to the weekly meetings at 1:15-2:15 p.m. every Monday in the craft room of Loftin Student Center.

There is also a Facebook page called Campus Activity Board at SAC and the club posts pictures and upcoming events to remind students who have liked the page, Hernandez said.

If students have any questions about joining CAB or any activities, call Hernandez at 210-486-0128 or email


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