Study abroad deadline is Dec. 7

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Biology freshman Abcde Medina and liberal arts freshman Iris Esparza discuss study abroad programs at the Study Abroad Fair Sept. 18 in Loftin. Medina is considering studying art appreciation in Italy, Esparza is interested in studying art appreciation in Spain. V. Finster

Students can get credit for courses while studying in a foreign country.

By Huguette Buduri

Students learned about opportunities to take classes in 10 foreign countries at the Study Abroad Fair hosted by the district office of international programs Sept. 18 in Loftin student Center.   

The application deadline is Dec. 7, and the final application deadline is Feb. 15.

Students are able to sign up for next summer in China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Spain.

Study abroad programs give students the opportunity to experience education in different countries, while experiencing the culture, architecture, and languages, international programs Coordinator Maria Rivera said.

For example, if a student chooses to go to South Korea, the price is $4,850, and students will be taking sPSYT 1325, Psychology of Death and Dying.

Rivera said 57 students studied abroad last summer. Scholarships are available, she said.

“We have the international education scholarship, and you are required to have a 2.5 GPA, 12 credit hours, and it requires two essays,” Rivera said.

Also students can apply for the Benjamin A. Gilman international scholarship, and the deadline for that is Oct. 2 Students can get up to $5,000.

If it’s a critical language or a non-traditional location like China, Japan and South Korea for these programs, students can get up to $7,000 she said.

“The Gilman scholarship is very competitive because community College students have two opportunities to apply, and around November students will be notified if they were selected for the scholarship, and in February they get their funds.”

She did not know how many Gilman scholarships will be awarded.

Business accounting sophomore Evelin Solis said going to China was life-changing experience.

“You get to see how developed the whole is country is and you also see their history and how rich it is,” she said.

Her class visited the Great Wall of China and went to Shanghai to see the skyline.

Solis said she learned how China does business, and they got to spend three weeks in China and learned about the language.

The course she tookin the study-abroad program was CHIN 1411, Elementary Chinise 1.

For more information, call Rivera at 210-485-0084 or email


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