Clubs take part in Organizational Showcase Sept. 12

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By Giovanni Maccarone

Clubs and organizations staffed tents in the mall for the Organizational Showcase on a rainy Sept. 12 in the mall.

Among student organizations participating in this event sponsored by the office of student life were the Student Government Association, Non-Traditional Student Club and the Men Empowerment Network.

The groups took part in the event to try to recruit students to join their clubs or take advantage of their on-campus resources.

Psychology sophomore Carmen Armstrong, vice president of the Student Government Association, explained the importance of the organization.

“We bring issues that you all bring to us, and we talk to the president or the board so we can get issues resolved on our campus,” she explained.

She referred to college President Robert Vela and the Alamo Colleges board of trustees.

Another club that has many on-campus resources is the Non-Traditional Student Club.

Adviser Maria Jimenez said the club specializes in giving older students who are juggling a family or job a platform to interact with other students and make them feel welcome.

“It’s really hard when you are already established in the outside world, with a family, and you’re trying to come to school, and you see a lot of young people,” Jimenez explained. “We want them to know that there are others, you’re not alone and there is some support.”

The Men Empowerment Network is another organization that focuses on giving students a platform to succeed.

“We really try to value the diversity of our group,” said Domingo Figueroa, employee for the Men Empowerment Network, said.

The organization helps of men of color in the goal of transferring to a four-year university or graduating with an associate degree at this college.

Health educator Alex Onyina of the BAE-B-SAFE organization on campus shared why it is critical that students know and take advantage of their resources.

“We’re kind of their one-stop shop,” he explained Wednesday. “We provide referrals or any services that students may need, women’s exams or any type of HIV testing. We have different connections at different clinics in the area. They can get those services at little to no cost.”

Their office is located in the advocacy center in the center for academic enrichment.

To join or contact these or any other clubs, students can log in to OrgSync, the college’s online database for clubs and organizations.

Students also can call the office of student life at 210-486-0125 for more information.


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