KSYM 90.1 provides access to school president

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President Robert Vela talks about the difference between advanced placement and dual credit classes Sept. 18 during “SAC Talk” with KSYM program Director James “Hot Mustard” Velten. Vela also talked about the first day for Dr. Sobia Khan, new dean of academic success; chancellor Bruce Leslie’s last day; and the importance of SAC Scores. Brianna Rodrigue

The weekly program changes to Tuesdays.

By Richard Hernandez


Every Tuesday from 8:30-9 a.m. college radio station KSYM 90.1, program director James “Hot Mustard” Velten hosts “Speaking of SAC”.

College President Robert Vela and public relations Director Vanessa Torres are interviewed by Velten and co-host Alejandro Diaz, radio-television-broadcasting sophomore. 

The weekly show has been moved from Thursdays to Tuesdays.

“I look forward to it every week,” Velten said Sept. 18. “It’s 30 minutes of talk radio. We talk about all things SAC-related and news that deals with education and schools.” 

The two discussed the newly named Raza Heritage Month in their first show of the semester Sept. 11.

In the latest broadcast, that aired Sept. 25, the group discussed the addition of a new dean of academic success, Dr. Sobia Khan.

Past shows have had discussions of testing, teaching, student safety and campus polices on bringing guns on campus, Velten said.

“Topics are prepared, but sometimes we don’t get to cover everything on our agenda because we have great conversations about some topics that last a majority of the show,” Velten said. “(President Vela) is willing to answer any questions we ask. Sometimes he might not have an answer right away, but he’ll give us that answer when he has it.”

Velten said he and former college President Robert Zeigler once had a conversation about guns on campus that continued through several shows.

“That conversation ended up being dragged out into several shows because we just had great discussions about it. At the time I was for it and he was against it, and it was nice for us to provided different perspectives to the listeners.”

“Speaking of SAC” has been on the air dating back to 2014, and while the broadcasting schedule has changed, he hopes to keep it running. 

“Dr. Vela is in very high demand, but he still does his best to make time for us,” Velten added. “(The show) has impact. High-school teachers play it in class because it provides some insight.”

The broadcast has included student call-ins and interviews allowing students to have access to the president of the College. 

“There’s been a whole bunch of magical moments,” Velten said. “The most fun is when we interview students. We try to and talk to each program the school offers. We hope to be insightful on the college experience.” 

Velten has been the host of morning show “The Sauce” on KSYM since May 11, 2009. After graduating from this college, he was hired as program director for the station.

Archived shows can be found on mixcloud.com, and the broadcast is aired live.


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