Students can earn a degree in international studies

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The program has a new coordinator this semester.

By Huguette Buduri

The international studies program offers courses that can be a concentration applied to an associate of arts degree at this college.

The courses are from a variety of disciplines that helps students become part of the global community and to be more aware of international relations and the relationship among other countries, Coordinator Thomas Farias said Sept.13.

Farias, who is a French professor, became coordinator this semester.

Students will take courses in a variety of disciplines such as English, history, foreign languages or humanities, government, anthropology, geography and economics.

Farias said that in 2017-18 more than 60 students declared international studies as a major.

Students will be will be able to learn social, political, religion and cultural constructions throughout the world, he said.

Students also must take one or more foreign language courses, although the college’s core curriculum does not require it, Farias said.

He would like to talk to students considering this course of study.

“It is one of the smaller programs, and it would be nice to have more students come by if that’s what they feel they are interested in,” Farias said.

Farias said the general idea is to prepare students for living and working in a global community by helping them to develop a greater global awareness.

Global awareness for students means understanding religious and cultural constructions throughout the world. Some characteristics particularly valued are understanding global issues.

Students who earn this degree will be able to work in a variety of fields in the public and private sector, Farias said. For example, the student may choose to work in government, political science or international business.

Students would major in creative and communication arts when they transfer to a senior college, he said.

If students are interested about international studies, they can visit the web site at or the go by his office in Room 125 of Oppenheimer Academic Center.

For more advising, call Farias at 210-486-0975 or email


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