College must notify all of news

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Emotional intelligence plays an important role in communication.

On Sept. 19, an employee of this college was found unresponsive underneath an Alamo Colleges vehicle.

As police officers, EMTs and fire fighters arrived, people began to notice.

The crowd of onlookers, including students, were left in the dark about the tragic scene. That evening, President Robert Vela sent an email to this college’s employees announcing the death of Michael “Mike” Segovia.

No similar announcement went to students.

In a location students populate daily, students often interact with employees.

It’s not unusual to greet housekeepers or groundskeepers as they do their jobs. Maintenance workers may only appear when things go wrong, but they make up the fabric of the college.  Students form connections and friendships with more than faculty.

We hope the lack of an announcement was an oversight and not some attempt to shield students.

As a community, we deserve to hear the news — good or bad.


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