Students: use Book-a-Librarian service

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Learning how to navigate databases may help reduce stress from research assignments.

With technology growing at rapid speed and offering countless opportunities, students have ever-growing technological skills to learn.

Thankfully, additional services are available to help them adapt to the changes.

The Book-a-Librarian program offers 30-minute one-on-one tutoring with a librarian.

With a librarian’s guidance, students learn to tackle the notoriously daunting task of the research assignment and the databases students must navigate to complete those assignments.

Who has not suffered through a research assignment?

The average student could encounter at least a few research assignments in their collegiate career — each one could causes stress and prevent a student from excelling in that assignment, or worse yet completely abandoning the task.

An undergrad majoring in a subject heavy with research assignments, for example an English major, might encounter more than a dozen in any given semester.

These skills are often not discussed at great length even in majors heavy with research assignments.

Fortunately for students, Book a Librarian offers help.

Because the program specifically helps students learn to navigate databases, a student has hope of getting through these assignments with more ease and less stress.

Their confidence using databases and technology will build.

They will be able to navigate databases with ease and comfort so that they can find the information they need and complete their assignments in a timely manner.

The end result for students will be better grades, improved skills and greater confidence in completing a degree. The benefits of the program extend even beyond this.

The program can help bring students into the library, a positive environment with an array of resources and services.

But students better book early. Procrastinators may find themselves out of luck.


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