Photo voice project in fall of 2018

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Information about photo voice

By Julian Gonzales

Students in SOCI 1306, Social Problems, are using photos to research suicide for a photo voice project.

Photo voice is “a research methodology that uses photos to bring awareness to social issues,” Coordinator Beatrix Perez said Sept. 24 in an interview.

Students work in small groups. Each student in the group must have two photos, one being the perception of the social issue and the other a solution.

The students go out and take the photos, and the group chooses what they think is the best.

The photos will not show faces or recognizable features, such as rings or tattoos.

The photo voice will be on display in the spring on the fourth floor of Moody Learning Center.

Photos will have captions and space for viewers to write to “paint a moving picture,” she said.

It is moving because it will make people create heavy dialogue on what they think could be real-world solutions to the problems.

“The exhibit will include college resources to give more details leave an impactful mark on society,” she said.

The solutions would be hotlines, support systems, and programs to help with anyone battling issues such as depression.

The age group focused is 18-25, but it could still affect others, she said.

It will also help the students focus on what they learned from their perceptions of the problem.

“The idea is to have the display create dialogue,” Perez said.  

For questions, call the sociology program at 210-486-1319.


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