Early childhood studies program to get new space in fall 2020

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A playground will allow students to develop a connection with the environment.

By Julian Gonzales


The early childhood studies program will move in fall 2020 to a new space adjacent to a parking garage to be built at Park and San Pedro avenues where the tennis courts are located.

Construction of the $20 million garage, including space for the program, early childhood center and playground is a project of the $450 million bond issue voters passed in May 2017.

The program is housed in a building at 210 W. Ashby Place, which was once a clinical facility.

Terri Sinclair, early childhood studies coordinator, said the building is outdated and has problems with plumbing and air conditioning.

“We just want to model the latest practices,” she said Oct. 1. “It’s hard to model them when the building is old.”

One of the practices is the child care center, which will be included in the move.

She said architects had to take into consideration air quality traffic, and noise when designing space for children.

A new playground is also planned for the new facilities.

She said the new playground will be a “nature type playground” to help children have a connection with the environment.

Examples of the “nature type playground” are open spaces, gardens, natural landscaping and a music area.

“If they don’t connect, then they may never know how to take care of the environment when they grow up,” Sinclair said.

Employees at the center are excited about the move because it will mean the center will be closer to where most of student traffic happens, Sinclair said.

Some people, not just students at this college, as well as some faculty and staff are not aware of the program. That’s why moving closer is important, Sinclair said.

For more information, call Sinclair at 210-486-0521.


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