Inclusivity strengthens college

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An article in your newspaper titled “Math tutor helps students in four languages” was published Oct. 8, 2018.

San Antonio College prides itself on inclusivity and welcoming all, and this article encompasses that value as a whole. It is so important in this age and time to promote inclusivity and equality and these are both present at our college thanks to Maryam Khadivian.

Those on our campus who may not have felt represented or welcomed may now feel comforted as they’re being spoken to in their home language.

There are so many negatives in our media and environment surrounding exclusion and hate, so it is wonderful to see such positivity being spread on our campus.

This article should encourage others to use their own multilingual abilities to tutor and empower many more students throughout the Alamo Colleges.

Sonia Guerra

Radio, Television

and Broadcasting Freshman


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