College to add parking garage by spring 2020

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San Pedro from Candler to West Park will be closed for construction as early as December. Construction will change the San Pedro entrance to this college. Go online for a map of proposed construction. Rogelio Escamilla

A new garage will be built on the site of the tennis courts.

By Austin P. Taylor

Construction of this college’s new parking garage is set to begin in January.

“Ideally, we want to have construction underway by the end of December,” John Strybos, associate vice chancellor of facilities and construction management, said in an interview Oct. 22.

The new garage will be constructed on the site of the tennis courts south of Candler.

Spending for this college’s third parking garage was approved as part of the 2017 CIP budget request at the Jan. 17 board meeting.

A budget of $20 million was approved to fund construction of the garage.

As a result of the construction, parking Lots 20, 21 and 22 will be converted into streets with limited parking. Lot 29 will be demolished.

In an Oct. 23 interview, Facilities Director David Ortega said this was so the college would remain compliant with fire code.

Lot 20, formerly Myrtle Street, will serve as a new entrance from San Pedro Avenue onto campus. The current entrance on West Park Avenue will be demolished. Drivers will still be able to enter the college on Maverick Street.

The estimated number of parking spaces to be closed because of construction is 405 spaces.

Parking Lots 20 and 22 serve this college’s faculty. No lot has been designated to serve the faculty being displaced by the construction.

Strybos said no funds have been allocated to pay for replacing the tennis courts, but the current plan is to build new tennis courts on West Dewey Place, where the community engagement annex sits between the Methodist and the Church of Christ student centers.

If that happens, Strybos said the annex buildings would be moved to a new district regional center by Interstate 10. All employees of this college in those buildings would need to relocate to new offices on campus.

Kinesiology Coordinator Brad Dudney said he is trying to secure courts for program use at McFarlin Tennis Center in San Pedro Springs Park.

The new early childhood development center will be “adjacent to the garage,” Strybos said.

“I believe the center has been located far enough away that car fumes aren’t a concern,” he said.

Strybos said construction will begin in late December and is planned to finish in spring 2020.

Maps of the construction can be seen below.


Courtesy of the Alamo Colleges District Offices


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