SGA hosts Potbelly with the President

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Any question can be asked of the college administration.

By James Russell

President Robert Vela and the college administration will answer questions from students at Potbelly with the President 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Nov. 1. in Room 218 of the nursing and allied health complex.

The free event is open to all students and sponsored by the Student Government Association.

“Questions normally range from veterans, disabilities and advisers,” SGA Historian Marina Ramirez, art freshman, said Oct. 29.

If a question is not answered, administrators will get contact information and reach out to the student, Ramirez said.

“Dr. Vela stays the entire duration of the event so he has the chance to answer everybody’s question,” SGA President Karen Ortiz, business sophomore, said Oct. 26.

“About 30-40 people consistently go to this event,” Ortiz said.

There will be free food provided by Potbelly, a catering chain restaurant that sells submarine sandwiches.

“Q&A with the President started under former Student Government President Jacob Wong and has continued for six years, making this the second annual Potbelly,” former SGA President Harley Williams said Oct. 30.

The event previously was called Pizza with the President.

The First Potbelly event was during the spring semester.

For additional questions or to know about upcoming events, contact SGA at 210-486-0133


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