Clubs, organizations can request student activity fee money

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Business sophomore Karen Ortiz, Student Government Association President, talks to club officers about upcoming events at the inter club council meeting Oct. 25 in the craft room of Loftin. Some upoming events in November are Turkey Bingo from 12:15-1:15 p.m. Nov. 12 in the craft room of Loftin and the Maid and Butler Cafe from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. in the fiesta room of Loftin. The next interclub council meeting will be at 2 p.m. Nov. 29 in the craft room. Deandra Gonzalez

Groups that complete the benchmarks can receive a $250 reward.

By Andrea Moreno

Students in clubs and organizations need to know the student activity fee is for them to use, said Karen Ortiz, business sophomore and president of Student Government Association, at the monthly Inter-club Council meeting, which she moderated.

Clubs or organizations have the opportunity to request funding from the student activity fee to bring guest speakers or travel to conventions but should also fundraise for their projects.

If members in clubs and organizations are planning to request money for spring, members should submit the applications before the semester ends.

Ortiz said Oct. 25 applications approved months before the event will have the club or organization’s funding held without fear of losing the award.

The Student Activity Fee Committee does not have meetings in January, June, July and August.

The last meeting for the fall for the Student Activity Fee Committee is 3 p.m. Dec. 6 in the employee lounge of Loftin Student Center.

All applications should be given to Mark Bigelow, interim director of student life, Room 260B of Loftin before Nov. 29.

In the spring, applications are needed by Jan. 31 for the Feb. 7 meeting.

Requests will be due Feb. 28 for the March 7 meeting.

Applications must be submitted by March 28 before the April 4 meeting.

The last requests for spring are due April 25 for the last Student Activity Fee Committee meeting on May 2.

Eleven clubs and organizations gathered at the meeting Oct. 25, including, Campus Activities Board, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Government Association, Asian Pop Society, Future Teacher Organization, and Human Services, Early Childhood Studies, Hammock, Psychology and Anime clubs.

Ortiz reminded everyone at the meeting to continue working on the 11-step benchmarks to compete for a $250 award.

Only 10 clubs per semester will be rewarded.

If a club or organization receives the award in the fall, it is still able to receive an award the following semester if the benchmark is completed.

As of Nov. 15, Orgsync will change its name to Alamosync because of an upgraded software rebranding.

All clubs and organizations must complete the first six steps of the benchmarks.

Benchmarks include updating records, such as contact information and goals on their Alamosync account, update future events and meetings, ensure all members are on the roster of their account, and update finances.

Officers must also attend a risk management workshop and will then conduct a 30-minute overview of what they learned to the rest of the members in the club.

The remaining five steps to receive the award are uploading minutes, which require the members and adviser’s signature for at least four meetings.

Participate in at least four events, one being a community service and fundraiser.

Calculate their status at least once as a survey and turn in to the office of student life, which allows members within the club to evaluate what is to be done different for them.

An officer or member must attend to at least two Inter-club meetings and the last step is to submit a request for $250 to the Student Activity Fee Committee if eligible to receive an award.

Requests for the award must be submitted to Bigelow by Dec. 1.

Ortiz said the money will be useful for the club or organization for an end-of-year trip or whatever they prefer to do with the money.

The next Inter-club meeting will be 2-3:30 p.m. Nov. 29 in the craft room of Loftin.


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