Department quietly loses chair; administration mute on details

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Alamo Colleges’ human resources say the fine arts chair is still employed.

By Sergio Medina

Jeff Hunt, chair of the fine arts department, left his post indefinitely in early October for reasons undisclosed.

Dr. Conrad Krueger, dean of academic success, is overseeing the department.

In an interview after Potbelly with the President Nov. 1, President Robert Vela would not comment on Hunt’s departure.

“When that time comes, I will comment,” he said. “At this particular point in time, I can’t comment.”

Vela did not specify when he might.

When approached Nov. 6, Hunt declined to be interviewed by The Ranger.

“I’m just on leave,” he said, without further comment.

English Professor Lennie Irvin, president of Faculty Senate, said in an interview Nov. 5 he has “no idea” about Hunt’s departure.

“To speak honestly, there’s sort of rumors and people really questioning what the heck happened to him,” he said. “He’s just, like, disappeared. I’ve had a number of people that said, ‘I can’t tell you; I’m not allowed to say.’”

Hunt, who served on Faculty Senate, also served as senate representative for his department along with music Professor Martha Fabrique.

Fabrique said, “Unfortunately, this is a personnel matter that none of us have any information about, so I don’t have any information to relay.”

She referred questions to Krueger.

Academic unit assistant Tara Martin, whose office is adjacent to Hunt’s in Room 105 of McAllister Fine Arts Center, said she has no knowledge of details of his departure, also referring questions to Krueger in an interview Oct. 30.

Within the senate, Hunt served on the Policy and Procedure Committee, which is in charge of reviewing and changing senate by-laws.

Dr. Teanna Staggs, chair of natural sciences, also is on the policy committee. She said all questions regarding Hunt should be directed to Krueger.

Krueger wrote in a Nov. 1 email he is serving as the acting chair of the fine arts department.

“Beyond this, there are no comments,” he wrote.

Kristi Wyatt, associate vice chancellor of communications and engagement, responded in a Nov. 4 email after district human resources was contacted for information on Hunt’s employment status. “Jeff Hunt has not been terminated and is currently an employee of the Alamo Colleges District,” she wrote.

Irvin said, “I’m not sure how many years he’s been here, but he’s very prominent. I mean, he used to be Faculty Senate president at one point.”

Hunt has been an employee of the Alamo Colleges since Aug. 19, 1991.

“To just have him ‘poof’ is distressing,” Irvin said.

For information, call Krueger at 210-486-0915 or email


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  1. What was the resolution of the Jeff Hunt situation?
    Is he still employed by the Alamo Colleges?
    Where is he located?

    This story needs follow-up.

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