Empowerment center to host scholarship workshop

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Students will receive tips and recommendations on how to finance higher education.

By V. Finster


Adviser Bertha C. Castellanos will lead a scholarship workshop for students 12:30-1:30 p.m. Nov. 15 at the empowerment center.

The workshop will offer tips on how to write scholarship essays and letters of recommendation, how to pay attention to requirements on applications and deadlines and provide links to specific scholarships.

Castellanos said the workshop is to put the information out there for students.

Castellanos mentors students’ one-on-one under her caseload at the center, but she said she is open to giving feedback to any student who asks.

Senior Coordinator Melissa Flores-Valencia said the workshops are full of useful scholarship tips.

“It’s a great way for students to learn about resources available,” Flores-Valencia said.

Castellanos said having scholarship opportunities helps with retention rates.

“We want to provide anything available to help students to succeed,” Castellanos said.

The center hosts a scholarship workshop at least once a semester.

“I personally believe scholarships are great opportunities some students are afraid to tackle,” Castellanos said.

Castellanos said many students do not apply for scholarships because of the required essay.

“The good news is that the essay is usually just a couple of questions,” Castellanos said.

Castellanos said once an essay is written, the core content can be used for other scholarship applications.

She said many of the scholarship winners she has seen over the years attended the workshops hosted by the center.

Call 210-486-0455 to sign up for the workshop.


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