Drop dates coming up for Start 2, Flex 2 classes

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Retaking a class three times can result in paying out-of-state tuition.

By Mardio Lattimore


Nov. 21 is the drop date for Start 2 classes, which are 14-week classes that began two weeks after the start of the semester.

Students enrolled in Flex 2 courses must drop by Nov. 30. Flex 2 classes are eight-week classes.

Students can drop classes by going to the student tab in their ACES account and clicking the registration link, which will direct them to a registration tab where they can choose which class to drop.

“If you get to the point in a class where you know that you won’t be able to bring your grade above the F or D mark, it’s time to drop the course,” adviser Bradley Hamlin said Oct 26.

Students who finish a course with a low grade will leave a negative impact on their GPA, unless they drop the course and receive a W on their transcript, Hamlin said.

A W will not impact A student’s GPA.

Hamlin said that there can only be six drops in a student’s undergraduate study at public institutions in Texas.

Also, taking a class three times can result in paying out-of-state tuition for a student’s third try.

There is a grade replacement policy for retaken classes, where the highest of the two grades will automatically count toward a student’s GPA.

When students retake a class they previously failed, they need to take the class at the same college or their GPA will average the two grades, Hamlin said.

“Be realistic about how busy your personal and work life are when building a class schedule because your likeliness of dropping a class is higher when you’re being overwhelmed with too many tasks,” Hamlin said.

Hamlin said students should communicate with instructors because talking with them about their grades will motivate students to stay in the class and work harder.

He said students should use tutoring services as much as possible to help raise their grades.

For more information, contact a department adviser or the counseling and advising services department at 210-486-0334.


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