Campus Activities Board elects new officers for spring 2019

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Liberal arts freshman Sarai Castro and E.M.T sophomore Ileana Sanchez-Vargas take turns sniffing scented highlighters on the third day of the Campus Activity Board’s bookfair Oct. 3 in the mall.  File

Four positions are left to fill for upcoming semester.

By Andrea Moreno

The Campus Activities Board had their new officer elections at its weekly meeting Nov. 26.

Nicholas Delaunay, liberal arts sophomore and president of CAB, named the candidates who were running for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian and recruiting officer positions.

The elections began with Angel Helm, deaf support specialist freshman, who was competing against criminal justice sophomore Mauricio Luna, for the historian position.

“There has been nobody to take pictures and document the moments that this school has made,” Helm said during her manifesto.

Helm said she wanted to change that and has the experience of a historian because she has been historian for past clubs and her high school graduating class.

However, Luna did not come in time to the elections.

Luna said he was in class and by the time he came to the meeting it was too late.

Helm won by forfeit and accepted the position.

Nursing freshman Ruby Narro was the only student who applied for the recruiting officer position and was still required to give a speech.

Narro said she has new ideas to expand the organization.

Delaunay asked if she accepted the position and she agreed to receive the position.

The secretary position was automatically given to veterinary technician freshman Jose Banda, which he accepted because he had no opponent.

Banda said he likes to connect with people and the position will allow him to interact with individuals.

Business freshman Ashley Bailey, was also the only candidate for treasurer.

Bailey said she has ideas to organize the funds the organization has.

Brittany Polanco, criminal justice sophomore and vice president of CAB, and biology freshman Tanner Hill Zanoni competed for the vice president position.

Polanco said being the vice president of the organization has taught her what it means to be a leader.

Zanoni said during his speech he would like to hear new ideas from the upcoming CAB members and also said he has good leadership skills from high school.

When the candidates gave their speech they had to answer questions from the CAB members.

While some students asked how they would make the organization better some asked how they will be helping the members.

Polanco said she wants to make everyone feel comfortable being in the organization.

She also said she has noticed there was not a lot of communication and wants to be able to speak to each member to get to know them better and let them know she is there for each member.

Zanoni said as a whole organization he sees them as a big family and will be there to try to fix a concern a member may have.

CAB members voted Polanco back into the vice president position 20-8.

Erica Garcia, radio-television-broadcasting freshman; EMT paramedic freshman Ileana T. Sanchez-Vargas; biology sophomore Viktoria Martinez; and RTVB freshman Joseph Rogers were running against each other for the president position.

Garcia said a president should have management skills and be able to reach out to every member.

Sanchez-Vargas said she wants to work with the San Antonio community more often with events and community service.

Rogers believes that every officer and member should be putting time and effort into the club.

Martinez said she wants more community service to interact with the community and wants for members to be interactive with the officers as well.

Members voted for their new president and Sanchez-Vargas won with 22 votes, while Garcia got one vote, Martinez four votes and Rogers one vote.

There are four positions that are vacant that will be filled next semester.

Sanchez-Vargas said she is excited for the upcoming semester.

The publicity, promotions, operations and a second recruiting officer positions will be needed for next semester.

These positions will not be needing an election since it will be assigned by Sanchez-Vargas on who she believes each position will be best for those who are part of CAB.

CAB has new officer elections at the end of each semester.

Students can join the organization at any time.

Meetings are 1:15-2:15 p.m. every Monday in the craft room of Loftin.

The final CAB meeting for the fall semester is Dec. 3.

For more information, call Carrie Hernandez, senior student success specialist and CAB adviser at 210-486-0128 or email


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