Alamo Colleges gets free rides on VIA buses

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VIA President/CEO Jeff Arndt speaks about free VIA bus rides with an Alamo College ID Jan. 22 in the lobby of VIA’s The Grand. VIA and Alamo Colleges partnered to offer the U-pass, which allows all students, faculty and staff to ride VIA Metropolitan Transit services any time. The mascots were all present at the event. James Russell

Show the bus operator a valid ID to ride for free.

By James Russell

The Alamo Colleges partnered with VIA Metropolitan Transit Jan. 22, allowing students, faculty and staff to ride the bus for free.

Students who paid the $25 Campus Access Fee are eligible.

Before, students needed a sticker to ride on VIA bus services, which came with paying tuition for all Alamo Colleges.

Faculty and staff previously had to purchase monthly passes.

The Alamo Colleges ID now doubles as a U-pass. The Spring 2019 Alamo Colleges ID will give Alamo College students, faculty and staff unlimited rides on any VIA lines this semester.

All students and employees must do is show the bus operator their Alamo Colleges ID.

“I anticipate this partnership with VIA will continue for many years and will impact several thousand faculty and staff as well as students,” Chancellor Mike Flores said in a Jan. 22 interview.

The first ID is free. If your ID is lost or stolen, replacements cost $10, but if they are damaged and, on your person, replacements are free.

The ID center is in Room 202 of Fletcher Administration Center.

After the success of the U-pass service with Our Lady of the Lake. It could offer the Alamo Colleges, helping students access campus’ easier, Associate Vice Chancellor Kristi Wyatt said in an interview Jan. 28.

“The new partnership between Alamo Colleges and VIA assists students complete their education, giving students easier access to VIA services with reliable transportation,” Wyatt said.

The Alamo Colleges current partnership with VIA increased from the $215,000 the district was paying to subsidize student travel to $300,000 to add employees.

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