Faculty: Keep in touch with your senate

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An electronic drop-box can be used to facilitate constant communication.

The faculty at this college need to take advantage of the opportunities they have to express their concerns and communicate their ideas.

Currently, departments have been assigned a representative or liaison to hear the voices of faculty during department meetings and relay the message back to the Faculty Senate.

This is supposed to allow for a steady stream of information.

According to past Ranger reporting, Lennie Irvin, president of the Faculty Senate, said a list with each department and its representative or liaison will be uploaded on the senate’s website at www.sites.google.com/view/sac-faculty-senate.

In the meantime, faculty should directly call Irvin at 210-486-0672 or email him at lirvin@alamo.edu, to ask who represents their department.

The fact that faculty members must contact someone to know who to talk to about their ideas and issues might be time-consuming and could prove to be discouraging for many of them.

Despite this, faculty members should be more proactive about it for the sake of an accurate representation by the Faculty Senate.

More consistent communication means stronger and more compelling arguments when presenting department wide concerns to college and district administration.

A good way to ensure a constant flow of information stemming directly from the faculty of various departments, is to provide an electronic drop-box on the Faculty Senate’s website.

That way faculty, and even students, can write a note containing an opinion, concern or comment, along with their contact information and move on.

The comments can then be separated by a member of the senate either by department or topic so they may be discussed with all faculty to whom they pertain.

That is a way to ensure that the senate can be consistent in providing those they represent with a platform to be heard and considered by college and district officials.


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