College to close for the day for score-card evaluation

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Erika Prosper Nirenberg to share her thoughts on this college.

By Janie Medelez

The integrated planning and performance excellence division will assemble to meet with the college services, academic and student success divisions to assess their goals in student learning outcomes and formulate new goals in areas in need of improvements.

“This is the seventh full semester for the SAC Score assessment and it is a great event to bring all 128 units, meaning all offices and departments throughout the campus together,” Dr. Francisco Solis, dean of performance excellence, said.

IPPE will provide the departments with strategic plans and their students learning outlook reports key performance indicators used to determine if each of the departments are on course.

“This is where they’re trying to see if they are on course to reach their goals. Which they should achieve by the end of the academic year — the end of August,” Solis said.

The strategic plan is a way to create some guidance and plot a course to stay on track in reaching achievement goals.

The departments maintain that course as close as possible by meeting once a month with the strategic quality enhancement committee, which is made of various individuals across campus, making it easy to stay on track, Solis said.

Parts of the strategic plan are strategic priorities, which develop pathways, strengthen sustainability, foster excellence and embrace diversity and inclusion, which is implemented by stakeholders made up of community partners, students, faculty and staff.

“Dr. Vela takes it very seriously in closing the college down. We’ll have some vital offices that will be open for student support that day, but he expects everybody to be engaged in the process,” Solis said.

This college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, part of the strategic plan.

With the score-card data, SACS-COC can identify integration and participation within this college institution.

Erika Prosper Nirenberg will be the keynote speaker.

“She gave a great speech not too long ago at Project Quest, the celebration for Project Quest, and she spoke very highly of SAC and what we’ve done in the city,” Solis said. “So, we just thought it was really nice to bring her to campus and share her thoughts about SAC and where we fit in in the future both in San Antonio and Texas.

“I really believe this — I have been here for 20 years — I think I teach with some amazing people throughout the college. It’s just how do we tell that story? You can’t do that unless you have some data,” Solis said.

“Student success is really important to me. If I didn’t feel that our office contributed to our students’ success, I wouldn’t have taken this job,” he said.

SAC Scores assessment day is 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Feb. 15 in McAllister Fine Arts Center.

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