Deadline for foundation scholarships March 31

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More than 2,000 students were awarded scholarships in 2018-19.

By Sandy Cordell

Paying for college can sometimes be a daunting task. Students have dreams, but they need to be financed.

Scholarships from the Alamo College Foundation are available, but the deadline is fast approaching.


Priority deadline for 2019-20 academic year is March 31.

Applications will be accepted through Sept. 8, but “the sooner you get an application in, the better your chances of receiving a scholarship,” Anna Rangel, foundation scholarship coordinator, said Feb. 7.

Students fill out a general application and may be matched to a scholarship.

Scholarship recipient selection begins the month after the priority deadline of March 31. Students selected for awards will be notified by email.

Most awards range from an average $500 to $2,500, but some could be higher or lower, she said.

When applying, have a copy of transcripts, community service, list of extracurricular activities, employment, honors and military service records available for easy reference, Rangel said.

There are three essays on the website that will need to be filled out. Judges look at grammar and spelling, she said.

Essays ask about background, life experiences, career and life goals and how receiving a scholarship will help applicants achieve goals. Essays must be no more than 250 words each.

GPA is considered but not a primary concern to apply, she said.

Most scholarships require a 2.5 GPA or greater, while others require at least a 2.0 GPA.

Personal need may be taken into consideration.

“Scholarships are awarded based on what the donor has specified. Some are need-based and some are not,” Rangel said.

“Donors of the scholarships get very creative as to how they assign their scholarships,” said Sheila Marlow Due, executive director of the Alamo District Foundation.

One example is a parent-child scholarship in which a parent who attends a district college and graduates can assign a follow-up scholarship to one of their children to attend an Alamo College.

Some scholarships are awarded based on the major or field of study.

About 2,200 students were awarded scholarships through the foundation in 2018-19.

For more information and to apply, go to


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