Make a buck by trading-in electronic devices at the Tech Store

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Electronic devices are expensive, so give them the care needed.

Technology has changed learning and communication for good. Phones, computers and tablets have given all a quicker route to work, meet deadlines, collaborate and study.

But let’s not forget how expensive they can be, and the rate at which devices are updated.

A decent computer that doesn’t lag will cost about $500, and phones are going for as much as $1,000.

With devices costing an arm and a leg, you’ll want to make a buck off devices you don’t use anymore, and take care of the ones you do.

Located in Duran Welcome Center, the Tech Store offers trade-in services for in-store credit.

Trade-in value depends on the condition and model of the device. To get a quote for specific devices, visit the store’s website,, and click on “trade-in” on the navigational menu.

If you’re interested in fixing a device, the store can help you, too.

Malware and viruses are very common — who hasn’t tried to watch a movie on a questionable website? Perhaps you accidentally clicked on a pop-up ad that now spams your screen every time the internet browser is opened.

For help with malware and viruses, devices can be brought into the store for a check-up.

Most repairs cost $20, which is a considerable discount over other retailers’ repair services.

The store is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. For more information, call 210-486-0942.

Remember, it’s unavoidable — even if we wanted to get rid of our devices, our productivity and efficiency would not be the same.

Devices are here to stay, and it’s important to protect those investments by taking care of them.


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