Anthropology adding lab course

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The lab will show information about anthropology on a more physical basis.

By Julian Gonzales

The natural sciences department is adding a one-hour lab course to be taken with ANTH 2301, Physical Anthropology, starting in the summer to transfer to Texas State University.

The lab is not required for all students at this college, and students can get the three-hour credit for ANTH 2301 without the lab.

“If you want to transfer physical anthropology to Texas State for anything, whether in nursing or biology, it’s got to be the full four-hour lab course,” Adjunct Wes Copas said Feb. 22.

This course, ANTH 2101, Physical Anthropology Lab, will be in this college’s core curriculum as well as Texas State’s.

“Basically, it will be an opportunity to do hands-on activities to supplement the lecture class or Anthropology 2301,” Copas said Feb. 22.

In a regular semester, the lab meets twice a week for 50 minutes. The class will go more in-depth on physical anthropology.

Students will learn more about evolution, forensics and pre-human existence.

“You just don’t have time for everything in the lecture class because there is so much to cover,” Copas said.

The course will cover basic information on human life and crosses between the sciences and humanities.

The lab will give more hands-on experience with mainly casts.

“While in the lecture class, you can show slides and pictures, but it’s just not the same,” Copas said.

Copas also has his own skull and casts he keeps for his classes.

This lab will be good for nursing and geology majors who want to know more about the anatomy of the body, Adjunct Margaret Greco said Feb. 25.

“This course along with the lab can just be good for anyone who wants to know more about the knowledge of humanity,” Greco said.

The course and lab will not only have hands-on activities but will illustrate a better understanding of evolution to students, Greco said.

The lab will be taught in Room 302 of Chance Academic Center.

For more information, call Dr. Teanna Staggs, chair of natural sciences, at 210-486-0856.


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