Director must strengthen student, administration bridge

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Incentivize student participation by providing valuable activities.

Student life has a new director, Jacob-Aiden Martinez, who is tasked with facilitating a smooth connection between students, clubs and the college.

The director can strengthen this connection by figuring out how to get more students involved in on-campus activities. Martinez has said he wants to add more fun opportunities for students to interact with the office, which is a
positive step.

Like any bridge that is widened, when more opportunities to communicate with the office exist, suggestions — and subsequently changes — are easier to make.

The use of new technologies is also a method of improvement. Student life recently implemented a suggestion box in Room 256 of Loftin Student Center, which is helpful, but there are even more tools available in this digital age.

Increasing the use of social media polls is one example of how the office can better reach out to students.

Increasing activities involving students could build a stronger sense of community.

In a classroom setting, it is easy for students to get caught up in completing assignments one after another. Some
classes  require students to interact and work together, while in another, a student might leave a lecture without having

This classroom environment is typical, yet inconsistent with the district’s goal of building leadership skills.

Allowing students a space to build these leadership skills —  teamwork, communication and problem solving — outside of a classroom can enrich their college experience.

These skills can be tracked and measured. If students choose to participate, they would have material to dress up a résumé.

Placing this tangible value at the end of the bridge would provide an incentive for students to participate in
these events.

As the new director, it is imperative Martinez considers implementing strategies that not only give students an outlet for stress but provide quantifiable value.

To be clear, this should not be the purpose of all student life activities. It is extremely beneficial to host events where the only goal is helping
students unwind.

However, creating more opportunities for students looking to wring value out of extracurricular activities is crucial.

If the new director can accomplish some of these goals, then the bridge between this college’s students, clubs and the college will be stronger.


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