Students, apply for federal work-study jobs

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Wages for student workers will increase to $12.50 in the fall.

Have you heard? The living-wage for work-study students is being bumped up to $12.50 – a wage that sits right above the poverty line for a family of four as defined by the U.S. government.

Can’t afford to buy gas for your car? Groceries? Books? Or maybe you don’t know how you’re going to pay next semester’s tuition.

The time to act is now. May 1 is the priority deadline for fall.

Students at this college who are in need and qualify for financial aid should apply for federal work-study opportunities around campus.

The wage increase to be implemented Sept. 1 is only the beginning.

Work-study opportunities do more than help students earn extra money for school and living. They provide real-world job skills, items that can be used for résumé building, and chances to build strong relationships with mentors.

Stronger bonds with professors or mentors might result in more thoughtful and meaningful recommendation letters for future college applications, scholarships and jobs.

Beginning the process is easy.

Students should check with the office of student financial services on the first floor of Fletcher Administration Center for available work-studies positions around campus.

Checking with the head of a department for a student’s major is also a good option. There may be a work-study position available that might provide hands-on work experience.

There is no doubt that a work-study job is a beneficial experience, especially for students who need the money and are on campus for long hours.

So, get up, get out of bed, throw some clothes on, get on campus and find a job.


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