Administrators, be more interactive with students

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Question and answer sessions should be scheduled more than once a semester.

The administration of this college is not providing students with sound answers to their
questions during Q&A

It is not unusual for students to receive roundabout answers during Q&A sessions, which can come off as the administration being uninformed or furtive.

To avoid that problem, conduct surveys prior to feedback sessions, asking students what their largest areas of concern are.

By doing so, administrators can look into topics beforehand and be able to provide better answers.

It’s always nicer for a student to receive answers instead of vague statements like “we’ll look into that.”

One method of achieving more meaningful interactions is to hold more feedback events, not just once a semester.

It would give more opportunities to exchange and to follow up on previously unanswered questions.

This will also allow for more in-person interactions, encouraging better administrator-student relationships.

The administration can also cycle through administrative and faculty
members with specialized knowledge to attend the Q&As to better answer questions.

Such members could be academic advisers, department heads or financial aid specialists.

Allowing input from people who may be more knowledgeable and more involved in a particular field will streamline the
feedback sessions.

That way, students and other attendees can have a consistent source of
information that they know is reliable.

Administrators, consider expanding the schedule of feedback sessions.


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