International Student Association hosts cultural exploration event

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Meetings are every Tuesday, and membership is open.

By Marissa Macias

The International Student Association promoted cultural exploration through an event teaching students about other countries with free food and games April 4 in Loftin Student Center.

Around 30 countries were represented including Paraguay, Italy, Chile and India, said Caterina Beverati, president of the association and environmental science freshman.

Beverati is an international student from Italy.

About 150 visitors attended the event.

“We’re trying to share our cultures with SAC and promote the desire of travel with more information on other countries,” Beverati said.

Board games such as Jenga were used to share general knowledge of countries.

“You choose a block and there are capitals of every country written on it,” computer science freshman Hamza Iqbal said. “If you guess which country the capital belongs to, then you get a prize,”

Iqbal is from Dubai.

Argentinian empanadas and Arabic sweets were offered to students who signed into the event with their student email, cyber security freshman Bruno Bogado said.

Bogado is from Paraguay.

The association encourages students to learn more about cultures represented on campus, study abroad and
create a community for international students.

“We are not like two different teams,” Beverati said. “We are all a part of the community,”

Of the 99 international students enrolled at this college, 10 are a part of the association.

All students are welcome to join.

Everyone who is for multicultural sharing are welcome to come join,” Beverati said.

Meetings are at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in Room 220C of Oppenheimer Academic Center.

During weekly meetings members discuss plans and opportunities for international students to get involved in local activities.

Recently, members gathered at Habibi Café, 5306 Broadway, to create better relationships, Beverati said.

During the next association meeting, a new group activity will be planned.

“We hope to make people more curious about the world,” Beverati said.

For more information, contact Beverati at


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