Students celebrate at annual campus Funfest

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Education freshman Karen Garcia and psychology freshman Julie Cowans ride the Wizzer with friends during Fun Fest April 23 in the mall. Garcia, Cowans and friends had to push down on the handle bar to make the ride spin. The faster they push down, the faster the attraction spun. The office of student life hosted the event, which included food booths, a DJ, a photo booth and two ride attractions. Brianna Rodrigue

The weather cooperated for a fun day on campus for eating, relaxing and riding rides.

By Sandy Cordell

The office of student life and CAB brought together students and clubs for a day of fun April 23 at Funfest in the mall.

“We are all about student involvement,” student success specialist Carrie Hernandez said.

Students were given a free Funfest T-shirt and with student ID received a Fiesta medal for this college.

This year’s Fiesta medal for this college featured silhouettes of San Antonio landmarks with an arch of words stating, “The heart of San Antonio.” The medal also had tiny flashing lights.

Twelve colorful booths covered the mall area for student organizations to sell food and drinks.

“This year we rented booths for each club that committed to run a booth. It was easier than putting up tents,” Hernandez said.

Each booth cost student life $67.50.

Raspas, chalupas, sausage wraps and corn in a cup, were among items available for sale.

“The main thing is the students are having fun and the clubs are making money,” Hernandez said.

Clubs participated to have fun and raise money for their organization.

“Today we are here celebrating Fiesta with the campus,” Ileana Vargas, EMT paramedic freshman and the president of CAB, said.

CAB is the campus activities board that plans activities paid for by the student activity fee.

“The money we raise is used to pour back into the students through events. We provide festivals, dances and cultural events,” Vargas said.

Students participated in events to relax before the semester ends.

Cybersecurity sophomore Kannisha Lloyd rides the human gyro during Fun Fest April 23 in the mall. Mario Estrada, employee at Parties, Picnics and Promotions, spins Lloyd slowly at first so she can adjust to the ride. Lloyd said she enjoyed it and would ride the gyro again for the thrill. Andrea Moreno

“I was stressed because I have an 11-page paper due today,” nursing freshman Jennifer Garcia said. “So I came out to have fun, eat some food and ride the rides.”

Two rides were available.

The Wizzer was powered by riders using their own strength to spin themselves. The faster they pull the levers the faster the spin.

“I’m slightly dizzy, but a good kind of dizzy,” visual arts freshman Clara Shute said. “I’m glad I had an hour between classes to come, relax and have fun.”

The Gyroscope was a spinning and rotating orb.

“The Gyroscope is best experienced before eating food sold at the club booths,” science freshman Sandra Moses, said. “I rode the Gyroscope because it looked fun.”

After riding she was, “kind of dizzy,” Moses said. “While I recommend the ride, don’t ride it with a full stomach.”

Music for the event was provided by Xavier Salinas with Masquerade DJ’s.

“I enjoy coming out here every year. The students are fun, love the music and are out going,” Salinas said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Rain was predicted for later in the day.

“The weather today was perfect,” Hernandez said. “Not too hot, with a nice breeze and a little cloud cover.”


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