Commencement set for May 11 in Freeman

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More than 1,200 candidates for graduation are expected to participate.

By Geoffrey Hovatter

Commencement begins 10 a.m. May 11 in Freeman Coliseum, 3201 E. Houston St.

David Zammiello, president and CEO of Project Quest Inc., will speak as the Outstanding Former Student. Zammiello attended the college for two years starting in 1979.

Sociology sophomore Susie Soliz will be the honorary student speaker. Soliz is a Distinguished Graduate.

Graciela Camacho, Travis Early College High School valedictorian, will also speak.

The ceremony will include students who graduated in the fall, are candidates for graduation in the spring and students within two courses of completing a degree or certificate, J. Martin Ortega, director of enrollment services, said April 25.

“That’s typically students who are going to complete their program in summer 2019 are eligible to participate,” he said.

So far, 1,213 students will walk the stage. About 40 students will be recognized as Distinguished Graduates.

Ninety-three students from Travis and 26 GED students also will participate.

Also, students who have completed a Level 1 or Level 2 certificate will be eligible to participate.

Ortega said 136 faculty and staff have signed up to be a part of the graduation ceremony.

The last day to pick up caps and gowns for graduation is May 4 in the admissions and records office in Room 216 of Fletcher Administration Center.

Students picking up caps and gowns after April 5, will not have their names included in the graduation program.

Ortega said they will still have their name called during the ceremony when they walk the stage.

Candidates for graduation who are participating in commencement must arrive 7:30-8 a.m. and check in at a booth behind the stage.

A parking pass is given to each student who picks up a cap and gown.

They are used to provide free parking for one vehicle.

Guests parking for family and friends will cost $10 this year.

Seating at the ceremony is on a first-come, first-served basis, and guests are not allowed to save seats, Ortega said.

The goal of the commencement planners is to end the ceremony within two hours “depending on the number of students and the length of the speeches,” he said.

“We give our speakers a limited time, but you know, those are all moving variables or unknown variables,” Ortega said.

The college will supply water to students on the graduation floor.

Ortega recommends graduation candidates should not bring too much with them.

“Leave valuables with the family member because we don’t have a place where people can secure their valuables,” Ortega said.

For more information, call the admissions and records office at 210-486-9229.


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