EDUC 1300 helps students with study tips, career options, exam preparation

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Sleep and study are recommended for students to do their best.

By Julian Gonzales

Students from EDUC 1300, Student Development, are preparing for the end of the semester by taking notes, looking over past quizzes and studying every lesson from the semester in preparation for a final exam.

“The comprehensive test will cover all seven chapters in their book,” student development Coordinator Julie Engel said April 8.

Some of the chapters are information literacy, citing sources, goal-setting, time management and career exploration.

Teachers of EDUC 1300 use a departmental final exam, but each professor has the choice to change it.

“Start with the basic model, then you adjust the exam to however you handle the class,” student development Professor Alice Laffere said May 9.

Instructors will tell the students what they need to look over for the exam.

Education classes spend a lot of time on information literacy, which includes peer-reviewed journal articles and the citation of sources on articles.

In career exploration, students do a career inventory or assessment to see what they want to do.

“Some students know what they want to do anyway, but for some that don’t, it will give them ideas which they will research that career,” Engel said.

The questions and topics covered in job exploration are how much entry level jobs pay and the availability of jobs.

To prepare for the final “students need to be studying over time and review sessions within two to three days before the exam and get enough sleep as well,” Engel said.

“I feel like EDUC helps us with the basics and what you want to do in your life,” photography freshmen Alexis Avila said April 30.

For more information, call student development at 210-486-0340.


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