Psychology Club to study attitudes about visiting advocacy center

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The club is open to all students.

By Julian Gonzales

The Psychology Club is putting together a survey for students, faculty and staff to gauge feelings and attitudes about the student advocacy center.

“So we’re looking at the student advocacy center, specifically, students and faculty members, seeing how they feel toward the center or if they feel uneducated about the resources,” science freshmen Francisco Hernandez said April 8.

The club wants to know if students, faculty or staff feel embarrassed or ashamed for going to the center for clothing or food or other services.

The Psychology Club’s faculty sponsor is psychology Professor Dehlia Wallis.

The results will be revealed in the fall.

“I really don’t have a target date right now, but it’s just however long it takes us. We’ll reconvene after the summer, get everybody back on board then start the surveys,” Wallis said May 6.

The number of people the Psychology Club wants to survey is about 200 or 300 students.

The club is planning to survey only people who have used the center.

The idea for what they want to do with the results will be presented on a poster, Wallis said.

Wallis said the center’s coordinator, Lisa Back, expects the feedback to be helpful to the center.

What the advocacy center wants to do with the results depends really on what the results are, Wallis said.

In other news concerning the Psychology Club, members select topics to be discussed over the course of several meetings.

At club meetings this semester, members studied phobias and brought examples or video clips to show.

Other subjects the club has discussed are serial killers and disorders such as schizophrenia.

“I’m really trying to guide them on how to do research because everything we learn in psychology is based on this study or that study,” Wallis said.

The club is open to all students.

For more information, call Wallis at 210-486-0776.


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